Catching Up, and Gearing Up for RAWBaltimore

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The past few months have been rather disruptive.

After an exhibit last Spring in Austin Texas, my basement studio flooded – I lost everything that wasn’t mounted on the walls, I changed my focus to carving and moved the whole operation to my front porch, which made for an interesting journey through mask displays for deliverymen and postal carriers.

I also managed to nearly cut off a finger, then I feel and broke two ribs and separated the muscles, then a surgery have kept me away from my beloved paddleboarding and kayaking, then with Winter setting in, I was forced back indoors – but the new studio setup is getting comfy, Nargles (the studio dog and sock stealer (Harry Potter reference)) is enjoying it and work has been spilling forth for Anne Wimer’s poetry collection which I will be exhibiting at The Creative Alliance with RAWBaltimore this month; that will be followed by finishing the book by late Summer in time for preparations for exhibits for Waves of Freedom and Ocean Warriors next Fall in Ireland and England.